Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dreaming of a Wunder-Wohnung

Late last night, Thomas arrived back in Madison from Germany (he was there attending several family events and meeting with his new employer). All that's left is for him to officially sign the contract. So we'll be vigilantly watching the mail for the next week waiting for it to arrive. That's one piece of paper we definitely have to keep away from Charlie, our little feline shredding machine!

In a few weeks, Thomas will fly back to Munich to secure an apartment for us. I'm really hoping for a charming Altbau (old building) on a shop-lined street in a funky,eclectic district. Something like this would be perfect:

...But with big windows like:

...Showing a view like this:

...And with a big, modern bathroom:

...Oh, and for a reasonable price of course.

OK, so realistically, our new "Wohnung" in Germany's third largest city probably won't match my lofty goals of a haute-bohemian downtown loft, but home is where you make it right? And one thing I've learned is that Thomas and I can make any place home (even our current spider infested pad). Besides, we're going to Munich; what's not to love about that? :)


  1. Fingers crossed that you get your ideal apartment. I'm sure it will have a lot of character. Our apartment is a good size (by German standards) at over 750 sq ft. We have charming sloped roofs, which unfortunately I bang my head on at least once a day - oh well small price to pay for the charm.

  2. Thanks! :) We're also looking for one with sloped roofs for the visual appeal, but yeah, I was wondering if I'd have the same problem, haha.