Friday, September 24, 2010

All paws on Munich

We just booked our flights to Munich! [BIG exhale] Even if we get nothing else done, at least we have somewhere to go come mid-November when our apartment lease here ends. ;)

Booking two airline tickets might not sound like much, but traveling with cats complicates matters a bit.

We decided to fly with Lufthansa as they seem to have a more pet-friendly policy than many other airlines. But we'll still have to divide them between in-cabin and cargo hold. Having heard numerous horror stories of pets not making it on connection flights, we knew flying direct was the only option that would keep me slightly above nervous-wreck status. Because it may be inconvenient when airlines misplace your luggage, but devastating if it's your pet that's MIA. I also learned it's good to avoid connections in London as animal quarantine regulations apply in England.

So we priced everything out (trying to steer clear of Thanksgiving, one of the busiest, most expensive flying times in the U.S.) and had numerous back-up travel dates planned since many airlines, Lufthansa included, strictly limit the number of pets that can travel in the cabin.

After several hours, we were ready. I had to call Lufthansa to book the flight since they have to make sure there's space on the plane for the cats. Nothing would be worse than showing up at the airport, cats in tow, and then finding out they can't fly.

I have to say the Lufthansa representative that took my call was very helpful and very patient as I bombarded him with questions. Thirty minutes (and about $2,500) later we had (all) our reservations. And in eight weeks, all paws (human and feline) will touch down in Munich, our new home!

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