Saturday, September 18, 2010

We're moving to Munich!

Art on the Square, downtown Madison, Wis.
Last week Thomas received a job offer from a company in Munich. We've been more or less planning to move to Germany within the next few years. Don't get me wrong...Madison, Wis. is a great place to live, and we have many wonderful friends here. It's just that we've been here for about four years, and we're both ready for new adventures.

He's from southern Germany so it's more like going home for him. For me it's a chance to live as an expat and attend grad school in another language. That said, my German is far from an academic level. So my first year in Germany will be spent attending language classes. Not that Thomas hasn't been helpful in my pursuit of fluency, but it's hard to learn grammar with someone whose response to "why does that clause go there??" is "it just sounds better." :)

But even though I've been more or less "studying" German for the past couple of years (by studying I mean non-credit beginner classes, private tutor and flipping though language books at Barnes & Noble), moving to Munich is definitely going to be a big role reversal. Aside from the fact that I'll be reverting back to childlike conversation skills (at least for awhile), I'm used to proofreading Thomas' reports in English and acting as his reverse dictionary (Him: "What's that paper you put on the wall called?" Me: "Wallpaper." Him: "Right.").

While we're still a couple of months out from the move, I've already begun making lists of things we'll need to do - everything from ending our current apartment lease, finding a moving company and most of importantly getting our furbabies ready for the move across the ocean.

I have a feeling the time leading up to our move is going to fly by...YAY!


  1. Hope the next couple of months go well for you, there's always so much to do when you're moving to another country. I'm in an intensive German course and am enjoying it. I laughed out loud about your husband's "help" for learning German. I asked my German finance if a certain verb was regular or irregular and he had no idea what I was talking about. Good luck with your move!

  2. Thank you! :) I saw your blog posts about the intensive German course you're taking, and I'm looking forward to doing something similar when I arrive in Munich. It sounds a bit intimidating, but fun! But first I need to create a looooong to-do list just to get ready for the move. [Gulp!]