Saturday, October 2, 2010

A moving company maze

Finding a moving company is like navigating this WI corn maze.

After spending the better part of yesterday evening researching international moving companies, we whittled our finalists down to five. Our selections process was simple. 

Step 1: Draw a company name out of the virtual internet hat.

Step 2: Find online reviews of the company.

Step 3: Look up the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

Step 4: If we were still on the fence, we’d critique the company’s website. That might sound a bit strange, but we figured that if a company’s website looks like a fifth grader set it up in the mid-nineties, it probably won’t have the resources to provide a smooth moving experience.

I started putting the company information in a Word document, but my engineering husband hijacked the computer and re-compiled the data into a “much more efficient” spreadsheet. I hate spreadsheets almost as much I hated calculating planetary brightness and flux density in college, so I happily sat back on the couch and let him do his thing.

Today, I started calling the companies for estimates. But I didn’t open the spreadsheet, yet.


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