Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apartment camping

dining table / computer desk / extra moving box

It's day three of apartment camping. Our 1,000 sq. foot apartment is currently "furnished" with:
  • a half-inflated air mattress (which I doubt will last long knowing my cats) 
  • an empty moving box for a table 
  • two cat litter boxes for chairs
  • and a few throw pillows
Classy, I know.

I don't even have a real computer anymore. Just a 7-inch tablet PC with a bi-polar keyboard and mouse.

It's sort of like real camping...but without delicious BBQs, toasted marshmallows and inviting campfires. Well, I could try the campfire, but I doubt the smoke alarm would appreciate that. Plus, I'm pretty sure there's a "no open flames" clause in our rental lease.

We even have some of the "wonders" of nature right here in our empty, temperature-controlled abode. I caught a few spiders and other creepy-crawlies before we moved out our stuff, but now they've returned with reinforcements...and their extended families. Awesome.

That old phrase "there's no place like home" just lost a bit of its charm...


  1. We can loan you some furniture until you move!!! I can deliver and pick up for free, just say the word! Terry Bulgrin

  2. I feel your pain. It took us 3 months to get everything more or less finished since the furniture we ordered took 2 months to arrive. Hope you get settled in soon!

  3. @Terry - Thanks for offering! I've actually got a few chairs now and a folding table on the way. So I'm feeling quite luxurious at the moment, haha.

    @Expat - We're still in the states, but because we sold most of our furniture we'll be going through the ordering process once we have an address in Munich. But I love shopping for new stuff so I don't mind camping a little longer. ;)

    @DDS- Thank you! :)